Kathy was awarded the certification of RESE (Real Estate Staging Expert) from the Professional Home Staging Counsel.

Staging...the new buzzword in real estate nowadays is basically just cleaning, uncluttering and new placement of furniture, but it is crucial to the quick sale of your home! In the buyers market we are currently experiencing, buyers have a huge inventory from which to choose.
As a stager, certified by the Professional Home Staging Counsel, I encourage you to remember and.....

Repeat daily these key points:

* In real estate sales, presentation is everything, (well next to correct pricing)! Especially in your internet photos. If your photos are awful, showing junk or simply not interesting, the buyer viewing them may never ask to see your home.

* You must be the cleanest and "show" the best of all the houses the potential buyers see that day. Check out the scent in your home--a pleasant scent is CRUCIAL!

* Pare down furniture, get rid of things now...you're going to get rid of them anyway and clean the house until it shines! Clutter is a sale-killer. 

*Model homes work--builders wouldn't spend a fortune on decorating otherwise. Purchasers buy on emotion-on how they feel when they're in your home.


That is one of my roles from the beginning...to advise you on presentation, to let you know if there's an odor you don't realize is there, to help you price your house for quickest sale and to offer my expertise to achieve the easiest settlement on your home.

Please don't be offended by blunt assessment. You have a product you're selling...it's no longer your home, but the product.

Would you sell your car without having it detailed?

So one of my services is, free to my listing clients,  two hours of staging advice.
 Please mention this at my first meeting with you.
 If further assistance is needed, we'll discuss any additional costs. 

If you'd like just staging assistance, feel free to call me for my fee schedule. And agents--I have a non-compete agreement I'll sign for you if you'd like to use my service as well.

My cell:  443-220-1100